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The Lock Guide for AirBnB Owners

You are probably here because you are looking for the best "Smart Lock" keyless entry to put on your Airbnb.

We recommend you start from reading this guide from the Airbnb website :

After you read the do's and don'ts of providing self check and you know that Airbnb recommends the use of Lockboxes, Smart locks and keypads.

We are going to talk about this from a security perspective and long term usage.

What you should consider when installing a smart lock and keypad locks is that they are usually battery operated, which means the battery will die at one point leaving your guests unable to get in.

Smart locks relay on wifi, in cases the WiFi is down or there is a power outage your guests will not be able to get in with their phone app.

Keyless entry keypads are also usually battery operated, when the battery dies the keypad will not allow entry.

Different entry Methods:

the use of lockboxes is to store mechanical keys , this is a great way to let your guests get in instructing them to enter a 4 digit code on the lockbox to open it.

(use mechanical lockboxes and not battery operated ones so it won't run out)

If you decided to use a mechanical lock (not smart or keypad) the steps are simple open the lock box, get the keys and access the property.

if you decided to go with smart locks or keyless entry you just give them the code to enter to the keyless entry or send them an app access for smart locks.

And what happens when the battery dies ?

Some smart locks / Keyless entry lock come with a "jump start" feature where you can connect an external battery to revive the lock and gain entry, but most likely your guests are not going to have a spare battery on them.

but if you choose a Keypad without a key override make sure it can take an external battery, like this one here :

When entially looking for keyless entry or smart locks, look for ones with a Mechanical Key Override.

In cases where the battery dies you can instruct your guests accessing the lockbox and gaining entry by overriding the keyless entry or smart lock.

This way you are not compromising your property security by allowing anyone use your key you only allowing access to the key in case of emergency, allowing people use the key for every entry leaving you exposed potentially duplicating it or losing it, and at the same time not compromising your guests getting locked out.

A keypad / smart lock battery should last anywhere from 1-3 years depending on usage (check your product manual to confirm), chances of your guests getting locked out and needing the use of a lockbox and mechanical keys are not high if you replace your batteries prior but in case they do, you are covered.

You can always change the code on a lockbox and your keypad, fairly easy but if someone has a hold of your key, you need to call a locksmith to rekey your locks.

Need further assistance ? Call your local locksmith.

Stay safe!

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