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house security tips FOR BEGINNERS

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Locksmith Tips for house security in Portland
House Security Tips for Beginners

The time has come to make major decision and purchase a house. You eagerly start looking for the right place, when you realize that choosing your new home and, most importantly, securing it is not as easy as it may seem. When safety is the top priority, you have to know ways to minimize the risks and ensure the security of your new home. Let's go over basic house safety tips before you buy a house and after you move in.


When you are trying to find the right place to buy, you have to research about the neighborhood the house is located in. The obvious factors to check is the crime rate. How many break ins have been registered in the last year? Is there any violent incidents reported? It’s important to be very detailed when you conduct the neighborhood crime rate because this will be your place to live. Your safely means not only the value of the house, but also the peace of mind and security of your loved ones.

There are various online tools that can help you research the recent crime stats in your local area. With these tools you can get a general overview of the local break ins, theft, and violence rate.

In order to have even clearer picture, it is advisable to visit the neighborhood during different time of the day including night. This way you can have a general glimpse of the local atmosphere and spot potentially dangerous behavior.

When you look for new home, take time to check the doors and windows. Make sure to estimate whether the doors and windows require maintenance and how much it will cost you to secure. Check out the basement, drive way, lightening system outside and nearby, locks on doors and windows, the state the mailbox is at.

before you move in

You have found the dream house and it is time to move in. While you are packing, get your security measures sorted out as well.

You can book a locksmith to come and assess the security of your house prior moving in, estimate the maintenance necessary and offer lock changes or rekey services. If previous owners had alarm system installed, you might want to change the passwords.

Of course, you can move in first, and then call a locksmith, but why not take care of the issues in advance? After all, potential break in can happen right on the night you move into your new properly, so why risk it?

Local locksmith can not only change the locks, but offer you overall home security check and suggest all possible ways to secure the weak access points in your new home.


You are feeling anxious and ready to move into your new home. It is stressful, exciting and busy day, but this is a good reason to forget about the security basics.

It is advisable to call a professional locksmith in Portland Maine to change the locks on your windows, entrance door, back doors, garage and mailbox. The reason to have it all one is your peace of mind. You don't know who has copies of the current key you are getting with the purchase, so it is crucial to have it changed or at least rekey the lock.

Make sure to go over the safety of the garage, shed lock and mailbox as well. This is not only places where important items will be stored, but also can be access points to your residence. In case you are planning to store valuables in the garage, it is highly suggested to put new locks everywhere possible.

Another tip for a moving day - try to be fast and discrete. Don't leave the boxes on the front lawn for too long, try not to throw out all the unnecessary packaging right away. Install curtains and peephole right away. If you aren't planning to sleep that night, it might be a good idea to talk to your neighbors and let them know you have moved it. Nothing pays off like another set of eyes around the block for anything suspicious in the area.


Changing locks and alarm pass codes is not the only things needed for ultimate house security. You can consider adding various locksmith hardware to improve your inside and outside house safety.

Consider installing outdoor lights to shine on the weak access points around your home, such as shed, garage, entrance door, gates, mailbox and others.

Make sure to check the doors and windows are locked before you leave the house or go to sleep. You might want to add a chain on the door or more advanced locks in order to improve your overall security.

Check out the fences, walls, hedges, panels around the house. If anything needs a replacement, do not hesitate to call for locksmith right away.

When you aren't at home, leave lights on and consider turning on tv or radio to create an illusion of someone in the house. This can put off potential burglars and save you a lot of heartache.

Changing the Locks AROUND THE HOUSE

Did you know that majority of people do not change locks when they move into a new house? Big mistake! Make sure your locks are changed, since this is ABC of basic security.

By not changing locks, you are putting your family in danger. There is no way of checking who else have access to your house, even if the previous owners swear that that's the only key there is. So do not be naive, and get your locks changed!


New locks are not the only thing you can do for your home security. There are various other things you can do both inside and outside your new home.

Obviously do not leave valuable items laying around. You might want to make sure that your house is not visible from the inside and items such as laptops, jewelry, wallets, tablets cannot be spotted looking through the window.

Outdoor lightening with movement sensors are great solution to scare the potential intruder. Burglars obviously like dark places, so when the light startles them, it might just the thing that will scare them away.

Consider changing locks to high security ones, instead of standard. Yes, they cost more money but they are less vulnerable to break and lock snapping. While standard lock is easily unlocked even without advanced tools, high security cylinder locks can provide you much better protection and take much longer to break.

Definitely consider installing a door chain and a peephole. Make sure to close the peephole when not in use, because there are tools burglars can use to look into your house through peephole with reverse gadget.

Do not leave your house keys under a pot or above the door frame. This is really not a legitimate place to store keys.


There is nothing that can make your house 100% secure, but it doesn't mean you should give up on your home security all together.

Maintain your doors and window locks, replace the broken ones as soon as possible. Have your locks changed from time to time even when you do not switch houses.

For further assistance, call your local locksmith to help you out and keep the intruders away. Ask about rekey options and the different lock types fr your doors, secure your garage, gates, shed and windows with the advanced locks that can provide you proper safety.

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