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*CAR KEY REPLACEMENT is needed in cases where your old car key or smart fob are damaged, lost or sometimes even falling apart.

This might happen to your key or maybe your fob.

Replacing your car key, making a duplicate or repairing it prior to breaking can save you money.

Replacing or repairing your car key prevents the loss of small components inside your key (like your transponer) OR snapping the blade in half sometimes in your ignition or your door lock.

And when it comes to remotes and smart key fobs they might get damaged over time with worn out buttons that might lead to water damage accessing those holes.

Not taking action ahead might leave you unable to drive the vehicle and having the need to tow your car or having an emergency service done by a locksmith.

We provide both car key replacement in case of emergency and repairing key and replacing key shells but recommend avoiding the need of an emergency service that might be more expensive or leave you stranded for any period of time.

Stay safe !

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